Baby Alien Easter Eggs with free SVG file

Baby Alien Easter Eggs with free SVG file

This Cricut tutorial shows you how to use your cutting machine to create a fun baby alien Easter egg.

What you need

1 sheet green vinyl
1 sheet black  vinyl
1 sheet light brown oracal 651 vinyl
1 sheet medium brown oracal 651 vinyl
1 sheet white vinyl
Cricut Machine
Blue cutting mat
Scraper Tool
Weeding Tool
Transfer tape

Food Gel Dyes – I used avocado green and neon green together

Boiled Eggs


Instructions for Eggs

Place eggs in a pot with water to cover. Bring to a boil. Boil for 10 minutes.

Turn off heat. Use the hot water from the eggs to use for dying. I add two drops of each color to a mason jar then one tablespoon vinegar and pour in the hot water.

I run cold water over the eggs and let them cool for about 10 minutes. Place the eggs in the dye and rotate them with a spoon until eggs are desired color. Set aside to dry.


Instructions for Alien:

Upload theBaby-yoda-y5j5av design space. Using the eye icon next to each color turn off all colors but black. You can now duplicate the black if you want several stickers. Send it to the machine to cut on vinyl setting on the dial.


Place black vinyl on the blue cutting machine and cut. You will repeat this step for every color of each item on the SVG.

Now you will use transfer tape to place over the first piece which is The alien green head. Take the transfer tape and place it on top. Scrape well with scraper tool or credit card if you don’t have the scraper tool.

Peel back thr transfer tape making sure the design sticker to the tape. Align it over the black in the area the green head is suppose to be, place down and press well. Peel back the transfer tape carefully making sure the design sticks.

Repeat this step for each color. I worked my from top to bottom on this sticker.
Once complete I peeled the sticker from the backing and place barely on top of the egg.

What makes this so fun is that you can reuse the sticker on whatever you want when you’re ready to eat the eggs. That’s why I don’t press it down all the way just a small amount on the middle of the sticker to the middle of the egg.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!