Baby Nursery Name Plate

Baby Nursery Name Plate

This name title was used on our wreath, but it was so cute on its own that I thought it would be perfect for a nursery door as well.

What you need

4 infant socks
Sticker Letters
Double Sided Tape


Take 4 infant socks and using stick on letters add the title.

You could even use fabric paints or cut the letters out of card if you do not have the stickers.

Secure them to the sock with a little craft glue.

Add double sided tape to the back of each sock and then secure to the bedroom door.

Check out the Complete door wreath for other ways to use this title.


  1. they are cute i might do that

  2. cute, you could put the socks in a rectangle frame and hang that on the door.

  3. This is a cute idea and could be personalized with the babies name. Instead of tape, glue could be used. The socks could also be glued to a pretty background for girl/boy or unisex. =) Will definately do this!

  4. As long as you aren’t taking the socks on & off the door constantly, double-sided tape should work, but you can use a stronger tape if you think it won’t.

  5. it is good for all babies

  6. would the tape actually stick to a constanly used door?

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