Around the World Activity

Around the World Activity

The objective of this kids activity is to educate group members on specific countries and cultures.

What you need



Choose a country as a theme for a day, eg. Greece.

Play Greek music, make some Greek snacks and if possible have someone come in to speak about Greece, someone who may have lived there or if from that country. They could bring in some home videos or slides to show the group.

Each week/month pick another country to visit and mark it onto a big world map that can be on display for the group to see.

Visit your local travel agents for brochures on the country and even ask around to borrow souvenirs from that country.


  1. An awesome item to make it feel more “authentic”, like you really traveled there is this little passport journal that Roylco sells. The children can make notes of all the places they have “traveled”. It looks like a real passport!

  2. this seems like a fantastic idea. i work with people with mental disabilities and most of them don’t get to travel…its a good way for them to get to see the world =]

  3. It would have been get if you had a pic to show how great a time they all had. Love idea can’t wait to try!

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