Baby Shower – Smell The Goo Game

Baby Shower – Smell The Goo Game

This baby shower game is bound to get your group giggling.

What you need

Disposable Diapers
Kitchen ingredients
Blind folds


Take the diapers and fill each one with a mystery smelly goo.

You could use:
Peanut butter
Chocolate spread
Jam or Pickles
Pea Soup
Apply puree etc.

Have each player place the blind fold on and have a smell of the diaper to guess what it might be.

The person who guesses the most right wins.


  1. we played a when u have to try to feed you partner baby food blindfolded and the have to try to guses what kind of baby food and also it hard to get it in the mouth blindfolded i got it ALL OVE MY CLOTHES!!!!!!! its really fun!

  2. lemonpudding says

    we did this at a baby sower and used different types of Candy bars.

  3. The picture is just slightly gross lol, but the game sounds like lots of fun! =)

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