Angel Cream & Poem

Angel Cream & Poem

This craft poem is ideal for giving to loved ones in need and is a great group craft project for all ages. You can swap the angel for a fairy too.

What you need

Hand lotion
Card stock


To make this project simply place a sprinkle of glitter into a jar or hand lotion.

You can add a little or a lot depending on your requirements.

Re-bottle the lotion into a small jar or container and then attach the poem below.

Angel Dust Cream Poem

Night is here,

and it’s time to go to bed.

But, before you lay down your sleepy head,

On the back of your hand rub some Angel Cream,

So angels will watch over you as you dream.


  1. Here’s another version that flows differently

    Night is here it’s time for bed,
    But, before you lay your sleepy head,
    Upon your hand place Angel cream,
    Now Angels watch you as you dream…

    🙂 yay!

  2. What lotion would work well?

  3. I love it! The poem is awesome!

  4. CUTE IDEA!!!! I LUV THE POEM PART! I’m gonna go easy on the glitter just to make it more wearable! 😛

  5. sarah127127 says

    im doing this for my mom for christmas and i think she will like it. I lined a tin can with plastic wrap and put it in there.

  6. Chilisheep says

    It is sooooooooooooo lovely

  7. cute idea

  8. That is a AWESOME CRAFT!!!!!!! I am going to make this for my mom!!!!

  9. very nice

  10. What a GREAT idea.

  11. This is really cute! I love it!! I made this for my mom and I used her favorite scent of lotion. She loves sparkles, so I used alot of them!!

  12. This is so cute… ButI don’t know about re-bottoling the lotion

  13. its nice. it is very creative and artistic

  14. Awesome Project. I can you this for my child care program activities.

  15. I am making this for my granddaughter, but calling it “Monster Protection Cream”. She’ll love it!

  16. I’m 12 and made this 4 my mommy, and she liked it a lot!!! very very good!!!

  17. RealLivePenguins says

    Very cute and takes no time at all!

  18. When I go to babysit little kids, I always bring a jar of this. If they start to get scared before they go to sleep, I give them this. they always seem to feel better about going to sleep on their own when they have some angel cream on. , ASG,

  19. great idea…even greater project!

  20. great idea!
    gave it to my grandma for christmas!

  21. I was looking all over for Faerie Dust for my Granddaughter! Something I could afford to make!! Thank you! You were sent by the Faeries themselves!
    Grandma in Colorado!

  22. Awesome Project!!!!

  23. thanks for the cute idea my 9 year old nice will love that this sight is awsome

  24. Lovely idea! I used something similar to this when my daughter was little, a ‘magic’ cream to soothe bumps & tears!

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