Advice Booklet

Advice Booklet

At a baby shower I passed the book around and had her friends and family give the mother to be advice. The advice ranged from old wives tales to sentimental words from her grandmother. She loved the book. This can be a simple little book or depending on how crafty you are more elaborate you choose.

The image below is just an idea using Flickr. Image source credit is at the bottom of this project.

What you need

81/2×11 card stock
clip art
Paper punch


Choose your theme. Cut the card stock in half.

The number of pieces of card stock depends on how big you want the book to be. I like to use white card stock for the pages. This way everyone can read it.

Decorate the front and the back covers using clip art, or what ever you choose.

When you get all of the pages finished use the hole punch to punch holes in the card stock. You can tie the book together with ribbon or some print shops offer book binding that is very inexpensive. What ever you choose.

I made one of these books for my daughter when she was expecting her first child. The front cover was entitled Advice for the New Mommy.

Image Source: LicenseAttribution Some rights reserved by steffy.


  1. Campbellgirl98 says

    What is clip art?

  2. Very simple or bursting with decoration this idea is creative and useful. I used it for my grandmother on her 50th birthday.

  3. how cute! i also did this for a very close friend that was moveing to florida. At her going away party everyone wrote in it!

  4. bubbabrae says

    love it cant wait to make one

  5. jackieandkarl says

    I think its a great idea

  6. This project would be great as a keepsake not only for new mommy’s but also for New Brides.
    I think they would love it.

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