This Adult Coloring Table is Better Than Pages

This Adult Coloring Table is Better Than Pages

Who says you can only color pages? What if you can turn an old table into a coloring table! Sounds fun? Check out this tutorial and find out how to turn an old table into a fun, creative, coloring table.

What you need

For this project you’ll need:
1. Vector artwork – printout
2. Craft glue
3. Paint (optional)
4. Scissors
5. Color pencils
6. Paint brush



Vector artwork: You can create your own vector artwork or simply search the internet and select the one you like. I simply searched for doodle backgrounds and chose this one. Make sure that the pattern is nice and simple. Too much details might not look nice.


Measure the size of your table and print out enough papers to cover the table. I’m not going to cover the entire table, only the top ans side.


Prepare your table by cleaning it with a dry cotton clothe. You can paint the table stands / legs if you don’t plan to cover them with printed paper. If you want to paint the legs / stands of the table do it before going to the next step. Allow the paint to dry entirely.

revamp table (3)

Cut and prepare the printed papers according to the table size. Apply glue at the back side of the paper using a brush and carefully place the glued side on the table. Make sure not to leave any bubble under the glued paper. Start adding the papers from any one side. I painted the stands of the table suing white paint and covered the top and sides of the table with printed paper.

revamp table (4)

Color a few patterns on the top using color pencils. If you plan to color the patterns later you can leave it like that but inc ase you’re satisfied with the table you can apply a coat of white glue: water mixture for protection. But I would like to leave it un-coated, this could be a fun way to spend leisure time!


  1. Elsie Dodd says

    Will be doing this

  2. Interestimg take on a hot new craze.

  3. Love it!!!

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