A Bunny Silhouette on an Easter Glass Jar

A Bunny Silhouette on an Easter Glass Jar

Looking for simple and easy to Easter decoration ideas? Here's a simple, cheap, quick and creative idea. You can use the leftover glass jars to make these Easter themed jar decoration pieces.

What you need

To make these jars you’ll need:

1. Glass jars
2. Spray paint
3. Sticker
4. Pencil or pen
5. Scissors or x-acto knife


easter jar (1)

Step-1: Print out a bunny outline template and trace the template on the sticker. Cut out the bunny pattern from the sticker carefully with 1 cut. We’ll be using both the template and the inverted template for our jars.

easter jar (2)

Step-2: Place some old newspapers or scrap paper on your craft space before painting the jar. Carefully stick the bunny template sticker on the jar. Make sure that the sticker is perfectly fixed on the jar and there are no bubbles under the sticker especially near the edge.

easter jar (3)

Step-3: This step is really important so be extra careful. Spray paint the jar evenly. Allow the paint to half dry and then take off the sticker. If the paint dries entirely you won’t be able to take off the sticker easily and it might ruin the bunny pattern. After taking off the sticker allow the paint to dry and at the mean time we’ll paint the other jar.

easter jar (4)

Step-4: Pour some black paint in the jar and rotate the jar carefully to cover the inside with the poured paint. Try to cover the inside of the jar with black paint as evenly as possible. Now take the inverted bunny patterned sticker and stick it on the jar. Take more stickers and cover the entire jar with the sticker except for the inverted bunny part. Make sure not to create any bubble while sticking the sticker around the jar.

easter jar (5)

Step-5: Before applying the paint place old newspapers or scrap paper on your craft space. Apply paint on the inverted bunny part of the sticker. Apply 2 coats of paint. Take off the sticker while the paint is wet and then allow the paint to dry. Enjoy!

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