Bunny on a Plate Makes this Easter Wreath!

Bunny on a Plate Makes this Easter Wreath!

This tutorial shows you how to take a KMart or Walmart party plate and turn it into a Easter door wreath.

What you need

Large Party Platter
Black Placemat or cardstock
Plastic Easter Egg
Plastic Flowers for decoration
Easter Straw


This tutorial uses a plastic party platter as the base. You will need some black vinyl or you can cut up a placemat like we did.

Start by tracing out your design on to the place mat. We used a wood grain from Walmart as we are using it for another project too.



Take the cut out and using hot glue stick it to the centre of your Party platter.



Next using small Easter decorations, decorate the front bottom of the wreath. We used a plastic egg that was painted gold as my feature. The other decorations are fairly self explanatory.

Glue a ribbon on to the back of the plate for hanging.


All done!


  1. I think so cute not expensive & so simple to do,thanks’ fpr showing…

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