5 Very Clever Cat Beds

5 Very Clever Cat Beds

Here are 5 very clever cat beds that you can crochet, no-sew, sew, patchwork and make out of a box!

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At Craftbits, we normally don’t link to projects on other sites as we make our own. But seeing that there is so much creativity out there we had to give this a try.

And the most requests we get for project ideas is for something to with pets! So we are going to start a list of projects that we find on other sites that you can create by yourself. If there is any link on this list that doesn’t work, please let us know.

1. A crochet cat bed.


The instructions here are in Finnish at the top and in English at the bottom. Please scroll down. This is one clever crocheted bed for a very lucky kitty.

2. No-Sew Cat Bed.


This bed is made with fleece. And can you imagine – it’s completely no-sew. Perfect for getting the kids to do it!

3. Sewn Cat Bed


A wonderfully detailed project on how to sew yourself a cat project that is sure to make all the other kitties in the neighborhood jealous.

4. Patchwork Cat Bed


Ok, don’t be fooled when you go to the project and see a dog laying on the bed. The actual bed is perfect for the feline kind as well. And to top it off, it’s a project that reuses old sweaters!

5. Cat Rocket Bed


I don’t know who would have more fun with this project? The person who builds it or the cat who gets to live in it?


Want more cat projects?

If you’re looking for other ideas to entertain your kitties, then see this list of cat projects at our site!


  1. Louise Collier says

    i think this is a fabulous idea. I think I might make some for the SPCA.

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