4th Of July Fireworks Pillar

4th Of July Fireworks Pillar

When this patriotic candle is completely dry, place it on small round tray with wax star embeds or other festive gatherings. Use your imagination and have fun. This DIY Candle making project and tutorial makes a great centerpiece!

What you need

Pillar Wax
4″ x 6″ or taller pillar mold

Mold Release Spray
Wicking or Tealight Plug or Flower Pot Votive Plug
Wick Pin & Mold Seal if needed
Candle Gloss
Firework Decals
Paper Towels
Soft Brush


Step 1: Preparing your mold

If using wicking: place a dime size piece of mold seal around the base of your wick pin where the shaft joins. Insert wick pin thru the hole in bottom of mold from the outside of the mold press up into the bottom of mold. Bend the wick pin if necessary to straighten.

Tealight Plug & Flower Pot Votive Plug – Place screw thru the hole in the bottom of mold and tighten nut to create a very tight seal

Spray mold with mold release spray.

Step 2: Heat your wax to 180-200 degrees, add scent and stir well. We did not use color in the wax on this project because the decals show up best on white or light opaque colored candles. Pour your wax into the mold and allow to fully set up and harden. Re-pour if necessary.

Step 3: Once pillar is cool, remove from mold and insert wick, tealight or flower pot votive glass.

Step 4: Select the decals you wish to use and trim if necessary. Fill a small bowl fill about 1/2 way with warm water. Have paper towels ready to smooth out the decal. Place the decal in the warm water and let it soak for a minute or two. When the decal starts to slide off the paper between your fingers it is time to apply it to the pillar candle.

Step 5: Position the decal on the candle. Gently hold the decal with one finger and with your other hand slowly pull the backing out. Use a paper towel to carefully smooth out the decal and remove any bubbles and creases. Start in the center and work your way to the outside of the decal. Keep repeating until all air bubbles and excess water are out from behind decal and it is laying smoothly on candle. Repeat this if using more than one decal. Allow to air dry for at least hours.

Ideas Variations: Apply candle gloss for the finishing touch. You can either dip the entire candle in a large container of gloss and hang it up to dry or you can use a very soft good quality brush and paint the gloss onto the candle. We recommend adding a little water to the gloss before you apply it with the brush on the candle. Start in the middle of the decal and work your way out and repeat the painting process after the first coat has completely dried.

Prior to the gloss completely drying you can sprinkle glitter around the candle to give it a little bling!

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  1. Sheila Hanley says

    Where can I get the decals

  2. that is kinda cute!

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