4th Of July Firecracker Pin: Crochet Pattern

4th Of July Firecracker Pin: Crochet Pattern

This Fourth of July Crochet pattern shows you how to crochet a firecracker pin that you can wear on the 4th of July celebrations.

What you need

Materials Acrylic Worsted Weight Yarn Colors: A (Red), B (White), and C (Blue) in small amounts. Silver or gold color Metallic pipe cleaner Pin Backing Sewing needle Nylon sewing thread (for pin backing) Tacky Glue (If you choose to glue the pin backing) Crochet Hook Size: F


Directions With color A

Row 1) Ch 5. Sc in 2nd Ch from hook. Sc in each Remaining chain. Ch 1, Turn. (4 Sc)

Rows 2 & 3) Sc evenly across. Fasten off Red. (4 Sc)

Row 4) Attach color B with Sc in first Sc. Sc in Previous row of next Sc (Long Sc made), Sc in next Sc, Long Sc in last Sc. Ch 1, Turn. (2 Sc & 2 Long Sc)

Rows 5 & 6) Sc evenly across. Fasten off after Row 6. (4 Sc)

Row 7) Attach color C with Sc in first St. Long Sc in Next St, Sc in next, Long Sc in next. Ch 1, Turn. (2 Sc & 2 Long Sc)

Row 8) Sc evenly across. Ch 1, DO NOT TURN. (4 Sc)

Row 9) Reverse Sc across. Fasten off.

Finishing Cut 3 pieces of pipe cleaner in 2″ lengths. Weave one 2” piece of pipe cleaner under Each loop of the Reverse Sc. Twist so it holds then bend ends slightly (refer to photo).
Sew or glue pin backing to the “First” row of color C.

This project was submitted by Darlene. Thanks Darlene!

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