Starburst Wrapper Necklace

Eat a lot of starburst? Don't know what to do with empty wrappers? Then make a necklace. It's easy!

Starburst Wrapper Necklace

What you need

Wire or quilting thread (optional)
Necklace Clasps
110-130 starburst wrappers (depends on neck size)


First measure the size of your neck using the string/wire and cut it using wire cutters or scissors (you should add a couple inches just in case).

Next, fold each individual star burst wrapper into squares about the size of your pinky tip.

String each individual star burst wrapper until the thread/wire is generally full.

Tie the necklace clasps onto the wire.

That’s about it!

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  1. WhiteHorse says:

    i feel a sudden crave for starburst ;)

  2. This looks like a lot of fun and easy to do for a Brownie troop activity or a party with young girls.

  3. KatieL00=] says:

    Thanks! Totally love it. :D

  4. Very nice idea! Looks really colorful ^_^

  5. Awesome! I make bracelets like this all the time!:D

  6. i think it is so awesome! i think who ever thought of that, is really creative in my eyes! love it! thanks!


  7. lollie_95 says:

    That look cute!

  8. so cool! i”ll be sure to save as many starbursts as possible!!!

  9. liz_fierce says:

    i made one and it came out great!
    it’s fun and easy :)

  10. possibly the coolest thing ive ever seen. kudos!

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