Felt Bunny Peeps

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Felt Bunny Peeps

What you need

9x12" felt rectangle in Peeps colors
Polyfil stuffing
Dark brown acrylic paint
Needle, matching thread & sewing pins.
Disappearing marker
Pencil with an eraser
Fabric Glitter Spray (I used Tulip brand) Optional


This peeps project idea was inspired by Dana Willard

Cut 2 strips, each about 3/4" wide from one narrow (9") end of the felt.

Cut 2 pieces from the pattern & mark the center bottom.

Stitch the 2 strips together on one end & press the seam open with you fingers.

Match the seam, right sides together, to the point between the bunny’s ears & stitch to secure.

Align the strip with the bunny edge & stitch half way around ending at the center bottom using a very narrow seam—no more than 1/8".

Return to the beginning & stitch the other half from the ear to the center bottom. This method keeps the seams even at the top & bottom. Join the 2 strips where they meet & trim the excess.

Turn the seam to the inside.

Pin the back piece to the gusset strip, aligning the edges & matching the center bottom.

Stitch the seam leaving an opening to stuff it. The back seam will remain exposed.

Stuff lightly & stitch the opening.

Dip the eraser on the pencil into a bit of the brown paint & place a dot on the bunny for each eye & the nose. Allow this to dry.

If desired, Spray with fabric glitter to give your peep a sugary appearance.

Original idea source & Pattern

I want  everyone to know that this isn’t my original  Credit for that goes to Dana Willard  I merely fell in love with her Bunny peeps banner & took it in a different direction. Using her pattern, I began by adding a light stuffing to her peeps so they were a bit stiffer. They looked great in my "candy dish" but I carried it a bit beyond when I added a narrow gusset between the 2 layers of felt to give the peeps more dimension. Also, where Dana sewed her Peeps by machine, I prefer stitching mine by hand. The pattern measures about 5" tall & the finished bunny is about 4.5" tall.



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