Cinnamon Pot Mats

When you place your HOT pot on top, the fragrance of cinnamon will come wafting through filling the air with a beautiful aroma.

Cinnamon Pot Mats

What you need

Desired cotton fabric
Sheet wadding (quilt batting)
Sewing machine access
Ground cinnamon or cinnamon Oil


Step 1: Start by working out what size pot holder you want. Approx. 30 cm X 30 cm is suitable.

Step 2: Cut your fabric into the size you require allowing for 1/2 inch hems.

Step 3: Sew 3 sides of your fabric closed and slip in the sheet wadding through the last opening. You will need to either begin hand sewing or machine sewing this end closed.

Step 4: Just before you complete the closure sprinkle about a teaspoon of cinnamon powder into the project or sprinkle your drops of oil onto the wadding prior to placing it inside.

Step 5: You can finish it off by sewing some diagonals along the top to keep the wadding in place. The quilting also makes it look very decorative.


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  1. I am so excited about finding this idea!! I am going to make these for Christmas gifts this year.

  2. AWESOME idea and all your projects on the whole site and great-thanks for taking the time to share them!

  3. Hi I like this idea so much I’m going to use it as a starting point for the Ladies in my craft group who want to learn to use a sewing machine, we already had a go at the basics and this craft is great as the next thing to make in the time we have, Thank you

  4. this is great, I run a craft group at my local Church and have been helping people to use sewing machines for the first time. I’m going to take this idea to the group as its something they can make within the time we have, and is useful too Thank you

  5. I made one of these but the ground cinnamon kept sprinkling out of the mat and making it dirty looking. :(

  6. I saw these today and they were priced at $11.99. Thank you very much for sharing this pattern idea. It is great.

  7. great idea!

  8. I don’t know why that person was so ungrateful. These are wonderful, and make it smell like you’ve been cooking apple pies all day. I am planning to make several for myself and several more for my daughter. Thanks for making the directions available.

  9. These are great to put in your back window of your car. The sun heats it up and your car smells wonderful,

  10. pennyjo1947 says:

    I made these for my grown children and added a small round doily that MY grandmother had made to one side of each of their pot holders. This makes them family keepsakes as the doilies were made by their great grandmother whom they never got to know.

  11. VERY NICE !! Love this idea !! thank you for sharing.. will definately be making these.

  12. People pay good money for these in the stores. I don’t understand why that person put one star and left a really not so nice comment. That’s what is wrong with the Christmas season, everyone wants store bought things, instead of something hand made. Things that are hand made, are made with love and caring hands. When people leave their comments on these postings they should consider what they are going to say and how they are going to say it. My grandmother always told me that if you do not have anything nice say keep your mouth shut. Sorry about all that ranting. This is a great project, nice clear instructions. Thank you.

  13. I think this is a great idea – its too bad some people have to be rude and sarcastic in their comments.

    My one suggestion – or rather observation is that I’ve got one of these but it is filled with rice or peas or beans – and could be that it has some chopped cinnamon sticks in it as well – but it smells so wonderful whenever we use it for hot pans.

    I have been looking for a pattern to give me the impetus to make these for gifts. Great timing – as Christmas is coming up and I like to do something for the neighbors – what a great idea. I like also the ‘homemade gelatin air fresheners’ as well – think I’ll combine the two into a little gift basket for the neighbors, along with some fresh pumpkin bread – what a great idea – thanks for the pattern!

  14. Great Idea!

  15. What a brilliant idea, so easy and simple yet it makes a fantastic gift with fragrance.

  16. This is such a cute idea! It was quick, easy, and made the perfect gift for my mother on Mother’s Day!

  17. I love this idea! I am making smaller coaster size ones to put in a gift basket with homemade hot cocoa mix, coffee mug, and sweets for my daughters teachers.

  18. Love it! Easy and awesome!

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