Altered Altoid Tins

Make a cute little coin purse using an old recycled Altoid tin!

Altered Altoid Tins

What you need

at least one altoid tin, coordinating papers, glue, and other little embellishments.


First you need to take off the label of the Altoid tin.

Once that is done decide how you want your Altoid tin to look.

It could have words or just a pretty paper on it.

Make sure everything is glued on properly.

Then pop it open and make sure nothing is blocking the hinges.

And now you got yourself a coin purse or a pretty little Altoid tin.

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  1. Works great as an earbud holder!

  2. This is a really cute idea I might use it as a birthday gift for my cousin!!!!! :)

  3. Amazing , my daughter is having a sleepover and I definitely going to use this as an activity.

  4. hard to do without figure 1

  5. how do you remove the label?!?!

  6. where is “figure 1″ ???

  7. I use mine to hold tiny objects such as matches, pins, in my trailer drawers, so made it match my colour scheme. So cute!

  8. Awsome!!! There are so many imaginative people!!! Ill try this! :)

  9. That is super CUTE i would definetly make this and give it as a gift!!

  10. How cute are these!!! I love the idea of using is as a “tooth-fairy tin”. What a perfect gift for little ones when they start losing their teeth…and I just finished the Altoids, so I have the tin. Yippie…like it was meant to be!

  11. Really great. I work in polymer clay and it lends itself very nicely to altering the altoid tin.I have made polymer clay fabric( as we call it) and draped it over the tin and made sure all the air bubbles are out from under the clay as I press it down on the tin. I cut the clay from arnd. the edge (top of the tin) so it does not over lap to the bottom of the tin. Also cut arnd. the hinge area so it will not have trouble opening. So when you bake it in your oven at recommeded temp.and time on pkg. you can open the tin. You can further embellish on the inside as you wish. I love all the ideas here.

  12. isnt it a little small to put pictures in it?

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