Wrist Cuff – Recycled Leather

Wrist Cuff – Recycled Leather

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What you need

Old Leather Wallet.
Craft Glue
Plastic 500ml Bottle


 This recycled jewelrymaking project is perfect for kids to make for Fathers day. It is simple and esy to make

Start by taking your old wallet, it doesnt matter if it has holes, tears etc 

Start by cutting away the lining until you have just one long length of leather as flat as possible.

Then take your water bottle and carefully cut away at the plastic till you have a round the width you desire. The plastic is flexible so it will wrap around most arms. Curve the corners with some scissors so that its not sharp. As shown.

Glue the leather onto the plastic and allow to dry.

You could add some cord for lacing it closed if you desired. 

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