Wreath – Seashells

Wreath – Seashells

This project shows you how to recycle collected seashells into a beautiful wreath perfect for summer.

What you need

Round foam wreath
Natural green moss
Hot glue gun & glue
Variety of seashells
2 starfish
Thin rope


Begin by hot gluing moss onto the foam wreath. Keep gluing moss, until the entire wreath is covered and no white is showing.

Make sure the glue dries before you begin to glue your seashells. Be creative when gluing your seashells.

Place the large seashells all around the wreath, not all clumped up in one spot.

Don’t forget to glue your starfish on also. Place them on separate sides for a more creative look.

And last tie a rope around your wreath, just as pictured, and hang it up on the wall!




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