Wreath Made From Recycled Bags

Wreath Made From Recycled Bags

This Christmas craft project shows you how to use recycled plastic bags to make a door wreath.

What you need

Plastic shopping bags white, green or red.
Wire coat hanger
Christmas decorations


Start by bending your coat hanger into a circle. Leave the hook at the top to hang it with.

Take your shopping bags and cut them into around 30 cm strips that are 2 inch wide.

Take your plastic strip and tie it into a knot around the wire circle.

Keep doing this until the circle can no longer fit any more plastic strips on it. This is a very simple craft but it looks great when completed so stick with it.

making wreath

You will need lots of bags for this project around 20 depending on how tight and full you want your wreath.

When you are finished use some plastic holly leaves or other decorations to decorate your Christmas wreath.

If you stick with plastic decorations then your Christmas wreath is weatherproof for outdoors!


  1. I have made this using off cuts of fabric, very effective & no need to decorate as it can be as festive as you like.

  2. This is so easy to make, I made 2 and people loved them. Only thing is I can’t find colored bags such as green .

  3. creative!

  4. do you need to trim the middle after

  5. wow great idea – as long as people actually recycle bags, and dont go out and buy a box of bags for this project!

    also, love the bit about leaving the hook on the top of the hanger, i probably wouldn’t have thought of that! great stuff

  6. excellent ideas with recycles materials – very commendable

  7. cool idea! mine is alot bigger and i am halfway done, i sprinkled it with gold glitter for a cool look and i added white pinecones. thanks soo much!

  8. I made this in art class eons ago. Our teacher presented the idea and we expanded on it. One person used just white bags and spray painted it green. I left my bags white and added a string of mult colored lights.

  9. excellen idea

  10. 😀

  11. recycling materials is really a great idea, inexpensive and helps environment. i hope you would continuously come up with recycling craft ideas. Thanks!

  12. i remember doing this over 20 years ago as a school project and am excited that i can now do this with my kids

  13. my teacher will gonna be glad if she see this..

  14. I’m blogging about Xmas crafts and am including this! I love this idea, will try your variation on what I already did! Thanks!


  15. i really…really like this project! Because of this website, I gained lots and lots of ideas for our school project!! Wow! Thanks A Lot! Hope to learn more interesting projects!!! Congrats! You really gain my respect…

  16. I like this idea very creative

  17. Excellent idea

  18. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Clear bags give a snow flake like effect

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