Wreath – Modern Felt Petals

Wreath – Modern Felt Petals

Switch things up this Christmas with a wreath in pastel hues. Made with felt and an embroidery hoop, you can most definitely make this in the traditional Christmas colors too, or even in your own selection of unique colors!

What you need

Wooden embroidery hoop
Felt in 3 colors (we used the following pastels: brown, pink and orange)
Multipurpose adhesive such as UHU


Step 1

Take a piece of paper (we used a sheet from a memo pad), fold it into half and draw a curve like the picture above. Cut the curve line, and when you unfold the paper you will have a leaf cutout. You can make the leave however big or small you like.

Step 2

Use the template to cut out the felt pieces.



Step 3

We’re going to create a 3D effect for each leaf.

Apply a small line of adhesive onto the bottom right of the leaf.

Fold the right side of the leaf to the center and hold it down with your finger for a bit. (Tip: You can use a clothes peg too)

When the adhesive dries, you’ll have slightly coiled leaf.


Step 4

Apply adhesive to the wooden embroidery hoop, and stick the leaves onto the hoop, overlapping each leaf with a new leaf as you go along.


Keep going and before you know it, you’ll be reaching the starting point! 🙂


Step 5

When you reach the starting point of the first leaf, fold the first leaf down and continue sticking leaves onto the embroidery hoop so that the wreath looks seamless.


Step 6

Thread a string through the top of the embroidery hoop and your handmade wreath is ready to be displayed!


What do you think of this project? Let us know!