Modern Chic Christmas Wreath

Modern Chic Christmas Wreath

This free Christmas craft shows you how to make a modern simplistic style wreath for your door using recycled box cardboard.

What you need

Christmas velvet
Recycled Cardboard
Box cutters
Gold Braiding
Christmas holly or flower for decoration


You can use any cardboard for this Christmas craft project but using recycled boxes is a great way to recycle.

For this project you need to cut out a large circle. You can use a round platter plate for a template and a smaller plate for the inside circle.

Cut the pattern out of the paper and then attach the paper to your cardboard pieces and cut them out using box cutter. Next using the same pattern pin it to your felt pieces.

Glue your felt pieces down on to the cardboard ring. Finish it off by gluing on a thin braiding or cord to hide the join lines.

Attach the ribbon for hanging and some holly leaves or a poinsettia flower to finish it off.


  1. very pretty and simple to do.

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