Winter Fairy Jello Mold Ornament

Winter Fairy Jello Mold Ornament

This pretty collage fairy ornament made from a vintage Jello mold tin will add a touch of whimsy to any Christmas tree.

What you need

– Vintage round Jello mold tin
– Vintage music sheet paper
– Vintage book text
– 1 1/2” round paper punch
– Ribbon
– Spanish moss
– Copies of vintage image of a little girl
– Two identical copies of butterfly wings
– Glitter
– Double sided foam tape
– Silver metallic paper
– Hot glue or strong liquid glue
– Glue Stick
– Pink colored pencil


–          Using the paper punch punch out a circle from vintage music sheet paper. Cut snippets of text from a vintage book and glue to punched circle.


–          Glue paper circle to inside back of vintage Jello mold tin using the glue stick.


–          Make a very small copy of a vintage photo of a little girl and cut her out with scissors. Add pink to her cheeks with the colored pencil.


–          Make two copies of butterfly wings, sized to fit behind the girl. Cut one out completely, cut only the top half of the wings on the other copy. Layer the cut wings together using foam tape. Apply glue stick over the wings and shake on glitter, tap off excess and let dry.


–          Cut out a tiny crown (or punch if you have one) from the silver cardstock.


–          Using the glue stick to adhere the wings behind the little girl and the crown to the top of her head.


–          Cut several ½” pieces of foam tape, peel off the paper backing and stack them one on top of the other, use this to adhere to fairy to the inside back of the Jello mold. This helps her stand out and not fall over.


–          Apply hot glue to the inside bottom of the Jello mold under the fairy and adhere a small amount of Spanish moss.


–          Cut  6” and 4” pieces of ribbon, loop the larger piece and glue it to the top of the Jello mold with hot glue. Tie the other piece in a knot, trim the edges and adhere in front of the large ribbon loop.

Winter Fairy Jello Mold Ornament


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