Water Bottle Revamp

Water Bottle Revamp

Who cares about those old labels? Water from the Tahitian wells or whatever. I want cutesie - somethings got to look good when I am sweating and need to quench my thirst. Hee Hee.

What you need

water bottle
cute tape
tag + ribbon


Project Supplies

Step 1)   Remove label from water bottle

Remove Label

Step 2)  Wrap that cute new tape around the bottle. {same area as the old label}

Put Label From Cute Tape

Step 3)  Make a cute tag.  Hang it with some raffia, ribbon, string, hemp whatever….something cute like.

Add tag

Step 4)  Hand out at a party, Give as Thank You’s,  or just keep them all for yourself.  You deserve to drink from something cute.

Bottle Revamp

{It actually did come in handy when playing soccer tues. night…..I could totally tell which one is mine}



  1. I think this project is so inexpensive you can afford to throw the bottles away after use.


  3. cute idea

  4. even one time use bottles can be cutsied up so you dont end up with a dozen identical bottles at the practice

  5. Great idea

  6. Great idea! I make Ocean Bottles from mine. 1/2 fill with blue water and 1/3 cooking oil. add sand, glitter and shells etc add a lid – voila!!! like a lava lamp – the kids love it. Can make it “barbie” or “boys stuff ” instead of shells.

    andrea – Australia

  7. Cute yes, but did you know that you should NOT re-use plastic water bottles because of the break down of the interior plastic surface??? They are made for 1 use only! Plus, just a thought, what about jazzing up a stainless steel water bottle?! It was the thought that counts Becky and kudos to you but just thought you needed to know some facts on plastic bottles. Thanks! 🙂

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