Xmas Tree Ornament Idea – Candlewicking Style

Xmas Tree Ornament Idea – Candlewicking Style

This is a very decorative Christmas craft that is perfect for special gifts.

What you need

3.5 inch (9cm) Blown Glass Ball Ornament.
Glitter paint
1/8 inch (3mm) wide silver cord.
Craft glue


Start by taking a crayon or eyeliner pencil and softly draw out your floral design onto the glass ball. You can be as creative as you want or stick to simply daisy style flowers and squiggly lines.

Once you have your design draw on, paint in any petals or leaves with your glitter paint. In this project you can see the mint green glitter has been used to form the petals and some leaves and curls.

Once the glitter is dry, using some craft glue and a paint brush or a fine nib on your bottle draw over the lines with the glue. Sticking down the cord as you go. You can work a small section at a time if it is too intricate for you.

Once finished make sure all the cord is stuck down and allow to dry.

These make wonderful handmade Christmas gifts boxed up for friends and family.

Try marking out someones name or the year for a more personalized finish.


  1. I think doing patterns of snowflakes/Christmas trees/mittens/whatever would be cute as well. Flowers don’t seem very Christmas-y, but the ornament pictured is absolutely gorgeous! (And the silver and blueish colors do work well for Christmas…) 🙂 🙂

  2. djd1079@aol says

    this is the best way to use up old balls from the past. just do the design and follow the instrutions i have alot of balls that i clean all the color off and then its clear and i can now put them to use

  3. Very pretty!
    I`m going to have to try this.

  4. Beautiful results for such an easy idea. I think I know what will be on my tree this year. ;o)

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