Traditional Almond Bags

Almond bags are simple to make and very traditional, but they are a great way to add a splash of color to your wedding tables or to set a color theme.

Traditional Almond Bags

What you need

Net or tulle
Thin ribbon
Sugared almonds


You can now purchase silver and gold coated Almonds for an elegant feel.

Cut your netting into a round circle, around the size of a dinner plate.

Place the almonds in the middle then pull the edges up and secure with an elastic band or just the ribbon.

Very easy instructions!

You can also use a hole punch to punch holes around the edges of the circle and thread your ribbon through the holes, this will make your bag a draw bag allowing easy opening and closing for the guests.


  1. Almonds packit can be useful for festivel

  2. world’s most original idea.

  3. Easier method: buy pre-cut circles of Tulle at Craft store, place circle in small custard or tea cup add almonds, gather & tie.

  4. Oh come on! Poor directions???? This is the simplest favor you can make and you need more detailed directions? Give me a break! Personally, I think the directions were fine and very explicit. Find something else to complain about!!

  5. you could make a pattern by tracing a plate

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