Thanksgiving Thankful Pumpkin

Thanksgiving Thankful Pumpkin

A simple Thanksgiving Thankful Pumpkin made out of card-stock and pipe cleaners

What you need

2 Sheets of Cardstock
Small Hole Punch
2 Brads
Green Construction Paper
Brown Pipe Cleaner


1.  Cut cardstock paper into strips — 1.5″ x 8.5″  (need 10 strips for pumpkin)

2.  Write “I am thankful for (insert your ideas)” on 5 strips of cardstock.

3.  Decorate and write “Happy Thanksgiving” on the other 5 strips. Get Creative!

4.  Make a small hole in the center of both ends of each strip.  (Use small hole puncher or another tool to make the small holes.)

5.  Alternate the “I am thankful” and “Happy Thanksgiving” strips of cardstock and put them into a stack.

6.  Feed the prongs of a brad thru the holes on one end of the stack with the metal circle of the brad resting on the side with the writing.  Secure Brad.

7.  Fan out the slips with the writing side facing the table.

8.  Pull up one strip and feed the prongs of the 2nd brad thru the hole with the metal circle resting on the blank side of the strips. Continue putting strips on brad going in a circular pattern.

9.  When all of the strips are on the brad and you have formed a ball, secure the brad by pushing the prongs down in opposite directions.

10. Cut 2 leaf shapes from the green construction paper.  Make a small hole at bottom of each leaf.

11. Wrap the brown pipe cleaner around a pencil to make a spiral shape. Gently slide the pipe cleaner off to keep spiral shape.

12. Lift up prongs of brad, hold brad in place from below, and slide on leaves.

13. Place brown pipe cleaner next to prongs, push prongs down on top of pipe cleaner to securely attach the leaves and “stem”.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!