Tear a Torn Paper Bear

Tear a Torn Paper Bear

Create a tear bear pattern using this simple guide.

What you need

Mulberry Paper
Teddy pattern
White gel pen for highlights
Scrapbooking chalk for shading
Fine paint brush


Using your teddy bear pattern draw (with a light pencil) the pattern onto the back of your mulberry paper.

tear bear pattern

If you are working it as a paper piecing then allow enough space between each pattern so you have enough room to tear the paper bear.

drawing teddy bear pattern

Using a shallow bowl of water, dip in your paint brush and as if drawing water paint around the lines of the bear. This will allow the paper to become wet then with a small amount of pressure tear the design away.

It helps to do this on a flat surface and have some scissors handy as sometimes you get really thick strands that just wont tear and a small snip can prevent you from distorting your bear as you pull away.

Once you have your bear torn away, or your pieces torn out. Allow it to dry.

Then glue the pieces together as you would a normal paper piecing.

Then use chalks or cardstock to add dimension with shading and draw on eyes or glue on some cardstock dots.

Use patterns from coloring books or clip art sites.


  1. teddy looks grumpy

  2. Nice instructions That tear bear photo looks really familiar.

  3. Great instructions and tips! Thank you.

  4. Thank you! I’ve searched everywhere for instructions as clear as these!!

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  6. Oh my goodness…. tear bears are addicting…. I just bought some great patterns and mulberry paper from… http://www.tear-bears.com

    They were so detailed and easy to make

  7. Tear bears are SOOOOooo easy & will amaze people! No one believes that they are made from just paper! I have 8 different pattern sets that have 10+ patterns in them. They come with detailed instructions w/pics of the steps! http://www.tear-bears.com

  8. Thanks for sharing!

  9. purplecat777 says

    I like the tearing idea and details on how to do it, would certainly look great on my daughters baby page, thank you for sharing it

  10. for patterns, go to http://www.cropaholics.com. Under tips and tricks you can find some patterns to get you started. They had patterns, but no directions.

  11. maravilloso; gracia 🙂

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    Very cute and good instructions! Has given me lots of new ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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  15. Good instructions. Nice patterns for bears and more animals and excellent paper at http://www.funscrap.com

  16. If you wanted to download the pattern just save the image. But the idea is to use your OWN teddy bear pattern from a book. This is a how to method. Thanks for the great project !!

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  24. you can get patterns from http://www.teddybear-treasures.com

  25. Place a heart, shamrock, etc,and you can make it a decoration for a handmade card.

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