Table Centerpiece – Cinnamon Stick Trivet

Table Centerpiece – Cinnamon Stick Trivet

This Christmas trivet makes a lovely scented pot mat and when you place your hot pan or tea pot onto the trivet the lovely smell will fill the air with the heat.

What you need

Wooden place mat
Cinnamon sticks
Ground Cinnamon
Hot Glue Gun


Using a wooden place mat or a old wooden chopping board you can make this lovely sweet scented trivet or pot mat for your kitchen table.

Start by using the glue gun to glue one stick at a time down onto the board. Start from one side and work your way across. You may need to cut your sticks or arrange them into a suitable pattern to cover the board.

As you glue each stick down sprinkle the ground cinnamon onto the wet hot melt glue that is exposed.

This will help cover up the shiny glue and also help create the lovely aroma later.

Place the sticks firmly against each other securing with glue down each side if required.


  1. I can’t wait to make it, sounds wonderful

  2. How long will these cinnamon sticks last once glued down on the wood?

  3. Will the hot glue hold if hot pots are placed on it? Nice idea though whith the release of scent, And you really could get crafty and arrange the sticks to make shapes like stars and snowflakes. Has anyone done this craft?

  4. A trivet is used in the kitchen to set hot plates/dishes on. The idea here I think is that when you set your hot dish, on it, it will release the cinnamon scent into the room.

  5. i dont get wat its 4

  6. it doesnt look very sturdy

  7. make smaller version Add pom
    pom snowman or penguine for sented sleigh

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