Make A Table Bag To Hold Nick Nacks

Make A Table Bag To Hold Nick Nacks

This sewing pattern shows you how to make an adorable little bag that hangs off the end of a table. Use it for sewing as a pin cushion and scissor holder or hang it off you bedside table with your tissues, medicine etc inside.

What you need

46 cm piece of print fabric and the same amount in plain for the lining.
2 large buttons
30 cm piece of elastic.
2 cups of plastic beads.


First, download the nick-nack bag pattern.

Cut out your pieces from the template

Make the straps first – they need to be very thin, so fold them over and stitch them on the outside, or you could use ribbon or cord.

Put you two pieces (print and lining) together right side facing inwards.

With the scalloped edge

At the top this is the edge you will be stitching first, before stitching.

Pin your straps in position (they are folded in half so the loop is inside and the two ends are on the outside).

They are positioned at the back of the bag either side of the back seam, check your image for directions.

Now stitch along the scalloped edge.

Open up your pieces and with the right side  still facing inwards, stitch down the side so you will stitch down the printed fabric and the plain fabric edge, but leave a gap of about 5 cm un-stitched for turning later. You should end up with a tube shape.

Now stitch the base section on the printed end and then stitch the base on the lining end.

Next pill the printed side through the gap in the lining then stitch the gap closed.

Push the lining into the printed section and your bag is finished.

Now make your weight pack.

You have three pieces – two are the pack and the third piece which is smaller is your contrast piece. Cut both your pack pieces out, then sew (optional) a contrast (I used the lining fabric) with the smaller piece on to one of the two pieces before sewing them both together.

Leave a gap at one end for turning and filling – fill with either lavender or plastic beads.

Sew up the opening and sew two buttons on.

Now you’re done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!