T-shirt Handbag

T-shirt Handbag

A used t-shirt to a handbag. Yes, you can do it with these directions!

What you need

An old T-shirt
Sewing Machine and thread
Extra fabric, about the size of a tee shirt (both layers)


Cut out a square or rectangle of the front and back of the tee shirt (of the same size), leaving at least 4 inches on the bottom for the handles (cut leaving extra in one strip). Measure and cut your extra fabric in the same shape and size as your T-shirt, cutting equal fabric for the front and back.

Sew the front of your T-shirt to the square of fabric so that the patterns are facing out (sew around the outside of the squares, simply to hold them together). Repeat on the back scrap of the T-shirt and last piece of fabric.

Now put the two pieces of fabric you just sewed together with the designs facing each other (on the inside). Sew around the outside of the fabric, just like you did last time, leaving the whole top side un-sewn and about at inch at the top of the left and right side of the fabric un-sewn. Fold down the top and pin, then sew across to make a clean edge (on both sides). Then finish sewing the corner.

To attach the handles, you can use ribbon or cut the remaining scrap of T-shirt in half to leave two 2-inch strips. Double up, and sew handles for a stronger handle, then attach by sewing two horizontal lines through each handle on the purse, on each side of the bag (eventually, sewing a straight line 8 times).


  1. Carolyn Connally says

    I know that not everyone is a sewing machine sewer, but newbies, keep in mind that unless you are especially experienced, hand sewing does not hold up anywhere as well as machine. Any weight in your bad will rip out stitches easily.

  2. I usually use a cotton fabric lining, this keeps the bag from stretching in case you are like me and carry what feels like bricks in your bag. I also line the straps with the cotton fabric so they don’t stretch as well. Did a tye-dyed t-shirt bag and I love it!!

  3. This was great! Made 12 of them in one day for pom group. Thank you so much!

  4. i like this idea… can u do it stitching instead of using a sewing machine?

  5. how do you make pockets inside with out showing the sewing on the out side???love this project!

  6. LOL guest below.
    Great tutorial, I’ll be making these for my nieces.
    What can I say, I love em to pieces!

  7. um wow wtf the guest below thinks that ur supposed to waer the shirt after u sew it..
    its a bag!!

  8. wow thats so weird whod want a bag with a tshirt on it? plus how r u supposed to wear the t shirt if its got handles on it?!

  9. Making one of these now. I would recommend putting a lining in it though.

  10. Sock Monkey says

    OMGi have like a million t shirts cause i only wear t shirts for a shirt no tanktops or long sleeve just t shirts so i can probaly make like welllll…….. MANY of these amaazing bags :)<3

  11. cool this looks easy enough to do by hand! must try it… i actually have a sewing machine but it looks like it would work either way. i love the aeropostale bag at the top!! :)))

  12. This project looks very good and handy.

  13. for some of those young ones wondering about buying a machine, craigslist is actually great, i know people who have used craigslist to find things such as sewing machines and vintage t-shirts, but talk to your parents.
    another thing is to talk to your parent or guardian and seeing if they have a sewing machine and if they will teach you how to use it, that’s what i did! x
    good luck little crafters.

  14. you know, the thing i thought of would be take a long sleeve shirt, sew the bottom of it, bring the sleeves up and sew them so that they are the handles and the rest of it is the bag! im only 11 too.

  15. really cute and it looks nice

  16. this is a sweet idea i am s0ooo doing this πŸ™‚

  17. I’d use two t-shirts instead of extra fabric…

  18. I made about a ten of these!

  19. i like it but what if you are 12 years old and don’t have a swewing machine πŸ™ well i guess id have to buy one..

  20. I like this idea. It’s very creative and with a bold patterned tee-shirt it could be very cute. Also, if you have a name brand tee shirt that’s to small for you, make it into a name brand bag.

  21. its something new and exciting

  22. It`s great!

  23. lizzymarie1996 says

    awesome i love this craft i have already made 2

  24. It looks so cute I am doing this

  25. ill make one for my mom when she goes too thhe gym πŸ™‚

  26. I love the picture I’m gonna make this :D!

  27. Sewing-x-Machine says

    I tried this project, we couldn’t quite understand the instructions, but it turned out really well! I suggest having the handles shorter, because they are very stretchy. Good use of old, nice T-shirts!

  28. Fun!! My sis is way into sports and we have accumulated a bunch of T-shirts laying around. What a great use!


  30. that is an awesome idea I always have old t-shirts and I dont know what to do with them!!!:)

  31. i want a long sleeve one!

  32. I used Ts for quilt patches & I find that I have best luck when I cut a square of fusible interfacing (lightweight), iron the T’s design area to the square and then cut the T-shirt material. This keeps the T from raveling up on you & its easier to sew up

  33. I’ve been searching everywhere for a present for my sister. This is the present she will love forever! Thanks;)

  34. i tried to make one wif my own shirt but my sis begged me to donate the shirt to her instead…hahahaa! I’ll do it this time since she’s outta town πŸ˜›

  35. I have made one. Great idea and the girls loved them!!

  36. Simple, quick and effective. A good use for those t shirts that you like too much to throw away.

  37. I would think tha the bags or the handles would stretch out too much.

  38. Love this idea! I have so many Ts to get rid of…now I know what I can do with some of them. Thanks!

  39. Im going to try and put shopping bags inside and bring them along when i go shopping! Great Idea!

  40. Cool! And it looks so easy!

  41. wow.

  42. it sounds soo cool i’ll try it!

  43. Thank u 4 this idea. My sister has a TON of old clothes that I just can’t wait to scrounge through!!!!! =)

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