Survival Kit – Helping Hand

Survival Kit – Helping Hand

Make this creative gift for a friend who needs a helping hand.

What you need

Materials Required Below.


Purchase a small gift bag and fill with the items below, along with a label explaining each token.

Lollipop – To help you lick your problems

Toothpick – So you will not be too picky.

Paper clip – To hold things together.

Mint – You are worth a mint to your family and friends

Money – So you will “cents” to realize your own worth.

Bran – To help you loosen up.

Smiley Face – To bring some sunshine into your life.

Band Aid – To help heal the hurt and pain.

Guardian Angel – Because everyone needs one.

Tissues – To wipe away the tears.

Hand – Everyone needs a helping hand.

Sand paper – To smooth things over.

Cork – To keep your head above water.

Ball – So you can bounce back quickly.

Glitter – To brighten your day.

Rubber Band – Be flexible, things may not always go your way.

Sugar – To sweeten up your day.

Safety Pin – So you can pin point the problem.

Heart – In case yours is broken.

String – So you can tie up loose ends.

Band-Aid – To help heal the pain and hurt.


  1. I am trying to figure out what to use for a hand in the kit. Any ideas?

  2. I’ve needed graduation gifts for my cousin in her late 40’s who will go on to pursue her Master’s, and her daughter graduating from h/s. These will make perfect “college survival” kits along with some handmade bath & body goodies!

  3. You said Band aid twice-hehe, i guess IM picky

  4. Cool!

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