Strawberry Lime Loaf Cake

Strawberry Lime Loaf Cake

Is it a cake, or a soap? You decide - but make sure you don't eat it!

What you need

Loaf soap Mold

berry/Apple/Orange Slice Novelty Mold

1 1/2-lb Clear Glycerin Soap– this will be used for the red color

or add browns for the cake crust

1-lb White Glycerin Soap– used for the white meringue effect

1/2-lb White Glycerin Soap– this will be colored for fruitembeds or for the strawberry filling.


Step One

Making the Lime Slices: Place 1/2-lb white glycerin soap in a melting pot. Place the melting pot inside a pan partially filled with water. Never melt the soap over direct heat. We also do not recommend using the microwave to melt your soap for this project. You will need to gauge an exact temperature when pouring your soap into the mold. It is much easier to monitor the soap’s temperature when using the double-boiler heating method.

Step Two

As the soap begins to melt, clip your thermometer inside the melting pot so that the tip of the thermometer is touching the soap base. Reduce heat to very low once the soap reaches a temperature of 160 degrees. Continue melting the soap over low heat as you prepare to scent and color the soap base.

Step Three

Fragrance should be added once the soap cools to a temperature of 150 degrees. Slowly stir the fragrance into the soap base to avoid creating air bubbles. Add colorant at this time as well. Allow your melted soap to cool to 150 degrees before pouring into mold. Once cooled, remove lime slices from mold and set aside.

Step Four

If small bubbles begin to form on the top of the poured soap, spritz lightly with rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. The bubbles and (smell of alcohol) will disappear.

Step Five

Making the red strawberry base: Melt 1 1/2-lb white soap same as above. Follow the same directions except you will be pouring into a vertical loaf mold.

Step Six

Allow the red soap to cool until a slight skin forms on the top of the soap. Timing and temperature are critical when pouring layered soap. Have your white soap meringue ready to pour as soon as the skin forms on the red soap base. If you do not allow the red soap base to set properly, the white meringue soap base will bleed into the red base as you are pouring and you will not achieve the desired effect. If you allow the red base to cool too much, the white meringue base will not adhere to the red base.

Step Seven

Making the white meringue base: Melt 1-lb of white soap base. Add desired fragrance. Once base has melted, use an electric hand mixer to whip soap into a frothy state. Do not over-whip. Slowly pour the white base over the red base at a temperature of 140 degrees. To help the white base adhere to the red base, spray the top of the red base with rubbing alcohol just before pouring.

Step Eight

As white meringue base is cooling, position the lime slices. Add a sprinkling of glitter if desired. Allow loaf soap to cool completely before trying to release from the mold. We suggest letting the loaf set overnight.

This project was contributed by Denise Marks. Supplies can be purchased at Soap Making Supply SuperStore.

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