Spring Time 10 Minute Easter Wreath

Spring Time 10 Minute Easter Wreath

This Easter wreath can be made in 10 mins, making it the perfect weekend craft project for your Springtime crafting.

What you need

Grapevine Wreath (18 inches)
Wire cutters
2 sets of white flowers- Dollar Tree
2 sets of yellow flowers- Dollar Tree
2 sets of the yellow and orange carrots


Using the wire cutters, cut all of the flowers off of the stem. Cut about 4 inches after each flower.

I started just a little to the right of the bottom middle of the wreath with 3 yellow flowers, because this wreath has lots of crevasses, you can just tuck the stem of the flower into the grapevine.


I alternated the flowers.

After using all of the flowers I next used the wire cutters to trim down the carrots.

You could also use a knife as this is wood but I liked using the wire cutters as it cut easier.
Trim 3 of the carrots and then place on the right side of the flowers on the bottom!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!