Smelly Socks

Smelly Socks

How about making dad a pair of smelly socks as a great Father's day craft project?

What you need

Printed decorative socks
Matching ribbon
Potpourri or Lavender


These are great for those smelly sock draws or for slipping into children’s smelly shoes after school.

They are also great quick crafts for loved ones.

Take one printed sock and using a spoon, spoon in the potpourri.

Work it down into the toe of the sock.

Keep spooning in the potpourri until the sock is tightly filled.

Allow a small amount of sock to gather and tie off with.

Using a rubber band, secure off the top and tie some ribbon around it.

Do this for both socks so you have a pair of smelly socks!


  1. ravenswood2 says

    Simple to make and cute. An alternative to a printed sock would be to decorate a light solid-colored with fabric markers. Also liked the baking soda idea above.

  2. 11; I like it.

  3. lol perfect for my dad. he comes home from working with dirt and wood all day (construction worker)- nuff said.

  4. ditto guest 2’s comment…and 3’s

  5. Use a tube sock and stuff with baking soda, then cover with a printed sock, that would really be a stinky shoe antidote.

  6. dido

  7. hehe cute. I was very curious about what a “smelly sock” was.

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