Skeleton Painted Flamingo: Halloween Decoration

Skeleton Painted Flamingo: Halloween Decoration

Restyle a plastic flamingo for Halloween Decoration! This is a great idea for a yard art and can be done easily with store bought flamingo.

What you need

Plastic yard flamingo, Black spray paint, White acrylic paint, paint brush, gloss sealer


1. Remove the legs from your Plastic yard flamingo – they should just pull out.

2. Use your black spray paint to coat the entire flamingo in black. This will probably take 2 coats to make sure the pink isn’t showing through.

3. Lightly sketch out your bones onto your flamingo with a pencil.

4. Use your white acrylic paint and a small/medium paint brush to paint in your sketched bones.

5. Once your paint is dry, go over it with a gloss sealer spray or a coat of mod podge to keep the paint from scratching off.


  1. I’m looking for the flamingos. Any suggestions?

  2. How about glow in dark paint or drill hole and use little lights inside to make glow for nite time

  3. I LOVE this! I have been wanting to make these for a while & just wasn’t sure how to start! Thank you for the tutorial!!

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