Secret Message Valentine Card

Secret Message Valentine Card

Create a special card for you and your valentine. Keep it secret!

What you need

2 sheet of 8-1/2×11″ cardstock / can be decorative paper
Small Embellishments



Take one piece of cardstock to be your base. Lay the paper in front of you so the long edges are to on the side. Fold the paper in half, then open and turn so the folded edge is facing up Next fold the left side only till it reaches the middle, then open Fold the right side only till it reaches the middle, then open You want to make sure you have sharp creases. Your paper should look like a “W” With the Center part of your “W” facing up toward you You will cut two slats down to the next crease with your scissors.


The middle of your base paper should measure 5-1/2 inches wide by 8-1/2 inches tall. Measure just in case. You need to cut your second sheet so it is 5-1/2 width (or whatever width yours is) and 8-1/2″ tall same as your base sheet Next take your second sheet and fold it in half and cut down your fold line.


Next take one of your strips and weave it through the slats in your base sheet Take the other strip and weave it opposite the one you just weaved.


Now for the fun stuff. push the sides toward the center, so the center fold moves up. Place your fingers in between the layers and separate. Make tabs to go on the base that indicate “pull here” Write your clue to your secret message in the center of your card Now pull the two side tabs and a blank spot should now be visible, this is where you write your secret message. School age kids love this. Once you do one, you’ll be doing many more guaranteed. Get creative with your message and decorations. The pictures posted are just for the mechanics of it.


  1. its looks awesome i’m gonna try it now

  2. confusing, but worth it in the end!!!!!:)

  3. Thats really cool

  4. Cool craft. Tried it and it was easy and a hit with my kids

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