Scented Pine Cones

Scented Pine Cones

These pine cones smell great and are very festive for Christmas. They also make lovely fillers in gift baskets for loved ones and friends.

What you need

Pine cones
White craft glue
Mixed spice (available in the baking section)


Hang these pine cones from your door handles or from your Christmas tree and they make a lovely decoration! They are quick and easy to make, they are ideal for group activities or school children.

Take the pine cone and using a small paintbrush or your finger spread some glue onto the inside edges around the cone.

Place it over some newspaper or a bowl and sprinkle the mixed spices over the cone. It will collect on to the wet glue.

Give it a little shake and allow it to dry for several hours.

Add a Ribbon Bow to the top to hang it up with.

And you’re done!


  1. Marlene Torres says

    The best smelling spices are ground cinnamon, ground cloves, star anise that you grind, ground ginger and ground cardamom seed pods. I would put them all in a grinder together and grind them to bring out all of the wonderful scents. If you have cinnamon sticks, you can use a fine metal file or grater to add to the mix. You can even add essential oils to the pinecone using a small paintbrush if you don’t have the spices.

  2. Seriously, people?!? It says right in the Materials List….mixed spice AVAILABLE IN THE BAKING SECTION and ribbons, geez…go to a CRAFT store. As for pine cones, go to MICHAELS if you aren’t fortunate to find them on the ground, like where I live. 4 materials – GLUE is found all over the world, SPICES found in any grocery or Dollar store, RIBBONS found damn near any where as well, and PINE CONES – go to a craft store if you can’t find them on the ground. How hard is it?

  3. These supplies should be easy to find. Wow, what i don’t have in my kitchen cabinet already, and just a little ribbon…great, easy to find at the supermarket. Thanks.

  4. What spices are best to use for this project?

  5. I saw some of these made at my church yester day and they were very nice looking.

  6. Did not indicate how to locateteh necssry supplies

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