Rose Petal Notebook

Rose Petal Notebook

Make a lovely Valentine's Day gift - a notebook covered with dried rose petals.

What you need

Plain digest sized notebook

Dried Rose petals; enough to cover notebook cover

Bottle of White Craft Glue or modge podge

Paint brush


Squeeze a dab of white glue onto the notebook cover. Spread with a paintbrush, big enough to put one petal on. Place one petal on glue, and press down, making sure to push bubbles out. Dab whit glue onto petal. Brush to cover.

Dab and Brush white glue close to the petal. Place another petal, overlapping the first. Dab and brush white glue to cover second petal.

Repeat over entire notebook, leaving petals hanging over edges. Allow to dry completely. Snip petals at the edges.

For a durable finish varnish the book with a clear water based varnish.


  1. do the petals have to be dried? please help and explain!

  2. I love it!! It could really help my daughter thanks a lot!!

  3. Looks like a great project for my Children’s Church kids to make for their Mom’s!!! Thanks for sharing the idea!

  4. My notebookes are sooo boring with school around the corner this was the perfect “green” thing to do! In the fall I put leaves and in the winter i put some pineneedeles that are painted white and in the spring i used the petels! <3 cute cute cute

  5. pepperment6 says

    love it !!
    know i know want to do my boing notebooks!
    thank sis

  6. Love this!! <3

  7. Was thinking about doing this but didn’t know how to finish. The varnish idea sounds good. Just curious – how does this stand the test of time?

  8. sounds great!

  9. looks stunning!

  10. Craft Freak says

    I AM SO TRYING THIS!!! ur great Mandy_in_pink!!
    Now all i need is some flower petals and ill be done!!!

  11. I wonder how well faux flowers would work.

  12. very actractive

  13. Really neat, I can’t wait to make one!

  14. this is so CUTE!!!!

  15. pretty good

  16. this is a really cute idea.

  17. destined2badiva says


  18. Made some journals and notebooks as gifts not just with roses but used all types of petals. They turned out beautifully, and were a big hit. thanks

  19. mandy_in_pink says

    I didn’t want to throw away the flowers that my boyfriend bought me. This was a cute and functional way to preserve them.

  20. ilovehorses says

    would make a wonderful journal for me, my middle name is rose

  21. very delacate, very pretty

  22. were u inspired by the pressed flower window project? very pretty

  23. This is adorable. I can’t wait to make it.

  24. This is so cute!

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