Retro-Striped Earrings

Retro-Striped Earrings

These are a really easy pair of earrings to make with stuff just lying around the house, and look nice too!

What you need

A pair of round metal/plastic earrings with hole in middle-black sharpie
white “French manicure helper” stickers
white nail polish
clear nail polish


First, take the black sharpie, and color the earrings black (u can also just by a pair of black earrings, but if you already have a pair, just sharpie ’em)next, take the white strips used to make French manicure “stripes” (they usually have them at dollar stores, and all pharmacies), and carefully stick them on the earrings in stripes, putting two next together where necessary, and folding the extra over onto the back.

next, if u want to, use the white nail polish to go over each stripe in order to fill in the little lines/gaps between the stickies that are next to each other (this is kinda hard, and u may make mistakes).

When your all done, coat first one, then the other side with the clear nail polish — but preferably the modge podge, to ensure that the stickies stay down, and to make the whole thing “water proof”, if you want to, before doing the clear coat, sign the back of each earing to add a little ‘special’ touch.

Wear, and enjoy!


  1. I made a pair of these cool earings out of cardbord it worked out really well its super cool.

  2. I LOVE IT IS SUPER<3<3<3<3.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. LOL! I lOVE IT!

  5. it’s ok. but i can’t find the right material

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