Santa’s Sleigh From A Milk Bottle

Santa’s Sleigh From A Milk Bottle

This recycled Christmas craft shows you how to make a Santa sleigh decoration using recycled plastic. The milk bottle size is perfect for a table decoration. Add napkins or nuts.

What you need

3 litre plastic milk bottle
Red Felt
Cord or edging (optional)
Craft Glue


Use the Santa Sleigh pattern for directions – follow the cutting lines. I used a 3 liter bottle – you could use a smaller one but this size was ideal for a table decoration.

Once you have cut out your sleigh pieces , cover them with red felt. If you want to put sweets, or nuts inside just cover the outside, so that it can be washed out after.

Glue the sides on leaving enough spare to wrap over the top edge 1/4 inch or equivalent.

Now cover your underneath section. This goes on the bottom and up the back with the same allowance to wrap over the top.

Now cover the front section – allow 1/4 inch all around to wrap over.

Glue the front section in place.

You can decorate all your edges with either cord or beading as shown.

You could fabric paint a design on the sides or add store bought Christmas embellishments.



  1. Wow that’s so cool

  2. Mary Charles says

    I love but can you use a gallon jug.

  3. This is such a neat idea and so cute! : )

  4. Fantastic way to recycle but still beautiful for a decoration! Love it.

  5. This project looks really cool its the best one i found so far and i think its soooooo cute for CRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Darling. Simple but very nice. TFS

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