Recycled Jeans Pocket Purse/Case

Recycled Jeans Pocket Purse/Case

This recycled crafts project shows you how to make a purse or small bag using the pocket on a pair of jeans.

What you need

Pair of Jeans
Back Pocket of Jeans
Zip (optional)
Sewing needle and thread
Buttons (optional)


Have you ever had an old pair of jeans that were too short or tight?

Cut 15 cm-20 cm off one leg of the jeans. Cut out the back pocket of the jeans and sew it to the front, middle of the cut off piece.

Turn the piece inside out and sew the end of the cut piece.

Turn it back out front and sew a zip onto the opening.

(if wanted)  Better to use an adults help for this one

If want more color add large colored buttons or use colored or camouflage jeans/pants.

Use this pocket case as a pencil case, make up bag or anything you like. If you would like it to be a mini shoulder bag add a long strap to the ends


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    Simple yet cute! I love it

  3. what a great project. Has many uses…. loved it!

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