Recycled Gift Bags

Recycled Gift Bags

This project shows you how to recycle those cardboard boxes into something new. They are perfect to have on hand for last minute gift packaging or a very inexpensive way to make throw away goody or trick or treat bags for parties or small christmas gifts.

What you need

Recycled Cardboard Boxes
Gift wrap
Cord or Ribbon
Hole Punch
Sticky tape or Craft glue


Use funky wrapping paper to suit your occasion.

Take your selected box and cut off the top flaps as shown.

Cut the flaps of boxes

Wrap the box with gift wrapping and secure with sticky tape or use a thin layer of glue to secure the gift wrap to the box.

Make a gusset in the box by folding the edges. You can do this by pushing down onto the top half of the box.

Next use a hole punch to create 2 holes on each side of the box.

Thread through your ribbon or cord for handles. Make a knot on the inside to stop the cord slipping through.

Wrap up

And there you have it. A fun way to recycle those old boxes which is a great alternative to just putting them in the bin!


  1. cute recycling

  2. kewl

  3. so goooooooooooooooooood

    i LUV it

  4. That is an amazing idea. I love it!

  5. very cute idea would also be great for party or class treat bags (smaller boxes) and letting the kids decorate them is always a blast!

  6. its awsome

  7. um, nice, but you may as well just use wrapping paper to save some time. i mean, i’m always rushing to get stuff wrapped when the holidays come around.

  8. I LOVE that we can make something useful and make LESS rubbish at the same time – good for the planet and lots of fun.

  9. Cute, could also be used with fabric for little girls “purses.”

  10. very easy……

  11. cute, i’m going to use it for my trick-or-treat bag 🙂

  12. its kind of cool

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