Recycled Foam Dice

Recycled Foam Dice

These big dice are great fun for kids games, are soft and washable.

What you need

Foam offcuts
Black marker


Occasionally you come across old foam pieces that are no longer needed. You might find them in an old lounge or a bed.

Start by cutting into your foam with a large knife or scissors, this is of course a job for an adult.

Then taking your marker pen draw the numbers onto each side.

You can also cover these foam blocks with fabric for a more decorative block.


  1. shoshanah2017 says

    Foam dice are wonderful, but I’d make them more appealing. Cover or paint the foam and make it enticing for the child.
    Children like colour. You can also texture the dice for an added sensory experience.

  2. Fine idea, but the example looks like something from the set of Sanford & Son. I think my son would find this as exciting as a brown paper bag with a numeral printed on either side.

  3. not very crafty. recycled doens’t have to mean PLAIN. Create a recycled Cover for the die. Use die sides to teach prinicples to small children, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, animals etc. Be CREATIVE…

  4. Try an upholstery supplies or factory. They should have heaps

  5. Where can you buy these foam offcuts? I can’t find any anywhere – I’m living in New York.

  6. Electric knives work wonders for cutting foam

  7. This would be great for an aged care facility.

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