Recycled Dog Collar

Recycled Dog Collar

A cute idea to personalize your dog's collar. Convert an old shirt into a customized collar.

What you need

Recycled Collared Shirt
Craft Glue
option embellishments
Fabric Trim
Thread unpicker



Start by measuring the dog’s neck and finding an old collared shirt with the approximate size of your dogs neck.

Our dog’s neck was 15 inch.

Check your local thrift store for great bargains on shirts of all sizes.

Start by unpicking the collar from the shirt at the neckline. You can also cut off the collar but you will need to sew a hem around the cut edge to prevent it from fraying.

Alternatively you can embellish the neck line with trim using fabric glue.

To use, simply button it around the dogs neck.

If you wish to use to a lead then place the shirt collar over the existing lead collar. It is not recommended to attach the lead to the shirt collar as it may not be durable enough.





  1. this is the best project ever!

  2. Cute idea : )

  3. This project was so good that im going to tell all my friends that have a dog and care about the enviroment!

  4. I don’t even have a dog and I want to make this for everyone I know…

  5. I think it’s super cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Cor, these look FAB! Dunno how strong they’d be though, as my dog pulls really hard on his leash!

  7. How Cute!! Dogs are just like little people- this collar treats them so! 🙂

  8. Thats is a cheeky, funny, great idea! Love it!

  9. Very cool I’ll be making some for my dog!

  10. I love this idea! Very now and I’ll be truying it right away. I am a little confused about threading the dogs collar ring through. Do we actually lace a cheap nylon collar through the shirt collar?

  11. i love this idea! great job.

  12. too cute! : )i love it!


  14. mamahoochie17 says

    what a cool idea, this is great

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