Recycled Blue Jeans Pumpkin DIY

Recycled Blue Jeans Pumpkin DIY

Make cute plush pumpkins perfect for Autumn decor while recycling an old pair of blue jeans!

What you need

Blue Jeans, Stuffing, Sewing Machine, Needle, Bakers Twine or Embroidery Thread, Felt, Hot Glue, Stick


1. Download and print out the blue jeans pumpkin pattern. Cut down the hems of your jeans so that the material is laying flat. Trace your pattern on to your jeans, and cut out 6 pieces.

jean pumpkins (2)

2. Pair up 2 of your jean pieces, Stitch down one side. Stitch one more piece to the pair, so you have 3 sewn together. Repeat with the other 3 pieces so that you have 2 pairs of 3.

jean pumpkins (3)


jean pumpkins (4)

3. Lay your 2 pieces right sides together and pin them together. Don’t worry about the middle, just pin around the outside edge. Stitch around the edge, leaving about 1.5″ open at the top.

jean pumpkins (5)

4. Remove all of the pins and flip right side out.

jean pumpkins (6)

5. Using cotton stuffing, stuff your pumpkin until it’s full.

jean pumpkins (7)

6.  Cut a long piece of twine or embroidery thread and thread it through your needle. Starting at the top, going through the edge of your 1.5″ opening, Poke the needle down through the bottom of your pumpkin, close to the center, and poke the needle back up through the pumpkin and tie the two ends tightly so it squishes your pumpkin.

jean pumpkins (8)

7. Bring your needle around one side of your pumpkin, starting at the top and going around to the bottom, poking the needle back up directly through the center of your pumpkin. Pull tightly to further tuft your pumpkin. Repeat this step for each of the six sections of your pumpkin.

jean pumpkins (9)

8. Cut out 2 leaves from green felt. Mine were about 2″ wide.

jean pumpkins (10)

9. Break a stick to about 2-4″ long and hot glue one end down into the top opening of your pumpkin, like shown in photo below.

jean pumpkins (11)

10. Glue down your 2 leaves on to the top of your pumpkin, around your stick and you’re done!

jean pumpkins (12)


  1. CraftyZeppelinFan says

    These are ADORABLE! 😀 I plan to make some of these this year. I wanted to last year but didn’t get to it for some reason. =/ Thanks for posting! ^_^

  2. This is real cute. I will try and make one. Thank you.

  3. I like this one. I haven’t made it yet but plan on doing it today.

  4. Charlotte Solorio should says

    I like using the stick for the stem! Very cute.

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