Re-Crafted Sweater Hooded Scarf

Re-Crafted Sweater Hooded Scarf

A sweater into a scraf. Give your old sweaters new life with this great idea!

What you need

Sweatshirt – size L or XL, sewing machine, hood pattern


Cut the sweatshirt across the chest, from underarm to underarm. Pin and cut out the hood pattern from the sweater’s torso.

This gives you two pieces. Sew them together around the curve of the hood, wrong sides together, leaving the front open.

Cut the rest of the sweater, from sleeve end to sleeve end to form a straight line. The sleeves will not be “tubes” now. This will be the scarf.

If you want to add fringe to the tips, sew them on now, inside-out (see figure 3).


Do not snip to create the fringe until the end. Sew sleeves closed.

Pin the base of the hood onto the curved part of the neckline and sew to attach the two.

Both the hood and the scarf should be inside-out when you sew.

Make sure your hood sits well, bringing the left and right sides close to where the shoulders will be.

This will allow the hood to lay a little more open instead of drooping.

Pin the length of the scarf together and sew all the way across, sleeve end to sleeve end along what used to be underside of the sleeves- not the side of the shoulders.

You will be able to turn it right-side-out through the neck hole.

Now sew the neck hole closed and snip the fringe if needed. Done!


This project was submitted by Jo Anne from Crafting For Cheapskates



  1. Even easier with a hooded jumper… 😀

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