Quill Pen

Quill Pen

An easy to make quill style pen using a washed feather and fabric dye

What you need

Washed feather
Fabric dye


Mix up the fabric dye according the the packet instructions.

Prepare your feather by laying it face down on a cutting board and cutting it at an angle. Then cut off a tiny piece of the tip to make the quill. Put a small slit right near the end of the quill down the centre for the ink to flow.

Place the dye into a small pot and start writing.

It will take sometime to get used to writing with the pen but it will be worth it.


  1. Smart craft! This will be quite a unique pen at school or the office! Also try the ink from another pen and place it in a large hollow feather already mentioned by a guest. -Tinta

  2. an easier way is to hollow out the middle of a large feather and take the ink from whichever colour pen and slide it into the hollow feather.

  3. This is a easy I didn’t know that you could use feathers for pens. Thanks alot.

  4. WOW! I tried making one myself before but I didn’t knoow what ink to use! Thank you so much!

  5. pictures!

  6. Iteresting….. I’ve gotta try it soon!

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