Puffy Poster Paint Recipe

Puffy Poster Paint Recipe

This paint recipe is fantastic because when it dries it creates a wonderful dimensional paint effect which is suitable for tactile play.

What you need

Salt – optional
Tempera/poster Paint


Start by mixing equal amounts of flour, salt and water together then add any colored poster paint. We made a big batch then separated them into cups and made individual colors.

paints  puffy-paint-recipe

Use a spatula or thick paint brush to paint with it.

child-mixing-recipe  using-puffy-paint

You can also pour your mixture into squeeze bottles or re-use old squeeze sauce bottles. Use the paint as normal, but when it dries it will harden to a puffed up dimensional paint.

If you are not wanting to keep these paintings for more than a few days then you can leave out the salt.


  1. Sharon Guest says

    Thank you for the recipe!

  2. Yes you can use this paint with a paintbrush however it will flatten out the mixture and will therefore not have the desired effect…I used to make this with the kids at daycare when i worked there however it was nearly 9 yrs ago and forgot the recipe! Thanku ever so much for putting it up 🙂

  3. I made this recipe for a poster i was doing in science, it was on cells, and it work so well it is the perfect puffy paint recipe. I highly reccommend to anyone who needs puffy paint to use this recipe.

  4. I wondered if you could use a paintbrush instead of a squeeze bottle.

  5. I’ve always liked puff paint, now I can make it! thanks

  6. COOL

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