Prom King’s Crown

Prom King’s Crown

Make a crown for the king of the prom. All DIY!

What you need

One sheet of stiff poster board
Packaging tape
Circle of velour 23 inch in diameter
Matching thread
Circle of lining 17 inch in diameter.
7-3/4 inch circle of cardboard
Tissue paper
27 inch strip of white fake fur 1-1/2 inch wide
Silver or gold braid, etc., for trimming crown


1. Cut one 1-1/2” x 23” strip and two 6” x 23” strips from poster board.

2. Form one 6” x 23” strip into tube that’s 7-1/2” in diameter or fits king’s head including ears. Secure ends with packaging tape.

3. Wrap second 6” x 23” strip around 1st tube to make it more rigid & tape.

4. Wrap 1-1/2” x 23” strip around bottom of tube and secure with tape.

5. Tape cardboard circle to top of tube.

6. Lay velour right side down on table.

7. Slightly crush tissue paper and shape it to fit cardboard circle. Place it in center of velour.

8. Place tube, top side down, over tissue paper. Bring velour up sides of tube and fold over open edge of tube. Use tape to temporarily hold in place.

9. Lay lining over open end of tube. Gently push it halfway into tube, leaving 1-1/2” folded over edge.

10. Holding fabric to keep it from moving, try crown on to make sure lining is deep enough. Fold lining edges and pin to velour on inside of tube. Stitch by hand.

11. Turn crown right side up and pin fake fur around bottom edge. Stitch by hand.

12. Decorate with gold of silver braid or sequins by gluing or sewing in place.

All done!

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