Crochet Pillowghan

Crochet Pillowghan

Yarn Guy gave me the inspiration to try this concept of a Pillowghan. It is quick and easy.

What you need

Red Heart worsted weight yarn
G hook


Make thirteen, 18 inch blocks. You can use any style granny square that you like. I used Red Heart worsted weight yarn, a G hook and the following pattern.

Basic Granny Square:
Chain 6, join to form ring.
Round 1: CH 3. 2 DC into ring, CH 2. Then 3DC into ring CH 2, three times. join to top of first chain 3.
Round 2-14: Chain 3. DC in each DC to corner. In corner: 2 DC, CH 2, 2 DC. (do this all the way around.)
Round 15: Change to white thread and repeat stitches as in Row 2.
Fasten off.

Assemble the blocks 4 down and three across.
You will place 2 blocks in the center top position. The top block (of the two blocks) will only be joined at the sides and top. The bottom is left open, as an opening of a pillowcase.

I assembled my blocks using SC’s.

How do you fold it up? With the case opening facing down, fold the two sides in toward the center blocks. Then fold the end up twice. Now you have a stack of blocks. Then turn the pillowcase inside out to put the blocks inside the pillow. VOILA!

Picture 1 (above): This is the finished afghan. The top center square is actually two squares. The sides and top are sewn but the bottom is left open on the top square

Picture 2: Place the afghan with the pillow opening side down. Fold in both sides

Pillowghan folded

Picture 3: Then turn the pillow inside out. This will allow you to push the afghan into the pillow opening.

Cat on pillowghan

This Project was contributed by DebGirlPower


  1. Sounds good. Is there a knit version?

  2. I’ve made a couple of pillowgahns in the early to mid 90’s. The pocket you can put your feet in when using afgahn.

  3. This project is a great idea for carrying blankets in my car. I do this year around because you never know..But in the winter I want to make sure I have enough blankets to keep warm if stranded..especially in the snow!!

  4. this is really neat. i have made a lot throws and pillows but have never thought of putting them together. thank you for such a clever idea. next time i make a throw i will try this.

  5. time consuming – but seeing as this is a project to keep me occupied, who cares?! simple and easy when you get into it. i plan to have this done in the next few weeks ready for the super-cold winter months! (not sure quite how long this will take, i haven’t even finished one square yet :S

  6. love this idea – i am making this at the moment, i like the simplicity of the squares – i don’t like complicated. this is great for keeping mer occupied at the moment, i will add this isn’t just for adults, i’m 15 and i can do it! Have fun!

  7. Great Pics and explainationof how to

  8. How very nice for anyone who needs a pillow or blanket when resting in a chair

  9. I made this blanket for my b/fs daughter for Christmas and she LOVED it!! Thanks for the pattern and making our Christmas a very happy one!!

  10. very good for gifts

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